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1 05/16/2024 Day-01 of RUN@75 : The Future of AI in Finance Opportunities and Challenges CA Dipak Singh https://youtu.be/PN16UcJalNc?si=wN5Amo7C41nDWnEZ
2 05/16/2024 Seminar on New Tax Audit & ITR Forms CA Ayush Goel https://youtu.be/1lY_B1q_qZs?si=7iGhMxJEMYQTw--d
3 Date not available. 2 Days 6 CPE Hrs Seminar on IND AS on 14th & 15th May 2024 • CA Vivek Agarwal- “Decoding Financial Instruments - IND AS 32,107 & 109” • CA Arindam Sengupta- “Preparation & First Time Adoption - IND AS 1 & 101” https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCrpMyr-F-5n1ofUoIFmbsECUnbX92xr9&si=Ujn6-q-0trCkSEdH
4 05/07/2024 Seminar on Governance, Risk, and Compliance: A Lucrative Avenue for Chartered Accountants in Autonomous & Local Bodies on 7th & 8th May 2024 Topics & Speakers : • CA. Jayant Purushottam Gokhale, Past Council Member, ICAI - Overview on the different Structure of Autonomous & Local Bodies • CA. Anil Shukla, Jt. Secy. Fi https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCrpMyr-F-5m4zjDZ0Ttaqjd9AEAvfsjU
5 05/04/2024 Capital Market Conclave- Charting Indian Economy 2.0 •     CA Anil Singhvi, Managing Editor at ZEE Business •     Mr. Varun Malhotra, Director, Edge Institute For Financial Studies Pvt. Ltd. •     CA Vivek Bajaj, Co-Founder, Stockedge. • https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCrpMyr-F-5koQHMVALPiTQUERG-hyhVM
6 04/20/2024 Workshop on “Office Work Optimization Using IT Tools” CA Shyam Agarwal, CA Vanika Choudhary, CA Sumit Bhagat, CA Sunny Agarwal & CA Bharat D Sarawgi https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCrpMyr-F-5l8RPJFvwglq_8E8dVPte0p
7 04/18/2024 5 CPE Hrs Seminar on “Office Automation & Code of Ethics” on 18th April 2024 CA Ravi Kumar Patwa, Past Chairman, EIRC & CA Sumit Bihani , Co Opted Member of AI Commitee, icai https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCrpMyr-F-5lzofrGZZ422tfYRATddEbv&jct=wMYpZ1Z1FNCfH94rJTpgV7RYHuGmJw
8 04/13/2024 6 CPE Hrs Workshop on “Top 10 Things To Learn in Computers for Senior Professionals” on 13th April 2024 CA Sumit Bihani, CA Rishi Bhuwalka & CA Rishita Das https://youtu.be/D_D9XaolGv4?si=1QfQ-yYEsSvO6-Ot
9 02/15/2024 CA. S. Vaidyanath Aiyar Memorial Lecture on 15th February 2024 Dr. Kunal Sarkar, Chief Cardiac Surgeon & Sr. Vice Chairman MEDICA Superspeciality Hospital will deliver the lecture. https://youtu.be/siRRlkNwiSw?si=WVGEuFRCSf2ddWOa
10 03/30/2024 One Day Training Programme for Peer Reviewers On 30th March 2024 Rational & Significance of Peer Review - CA. R.S. Balaji, Chennai. Review Procedures and Reporting by Peer Reviewer and Importance of AQMM in Peer Review - CA. R.S. Balaji, Chennai. Complia https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCrpMyr-F-5nbZvFfkyWoQvJivXspGNx_&si=INrzuLFx40Jo0iow
11 03/22/2024 Seminar on Bank Audit on 22nd March 2024 CA Lokesh Gupta: Audit of Advances & Important RBI Circulars CA Vivek Agarwal: Documentation in Bank Audit CA Sandeep Sawaria: Use of Finacle & Other Tools in Bank Audit CA Sunirmal Chatte https://studio.youtube.com/playlist/PLCrpMyr-F-5nbZvFfkyWoQvJivXspGNx_/videos
12 02/03/2024 Direct Tax Conclave 0n 3rd February 2024 Shri Utsav Parekh, Chairman of SMIFS Capital Markets Limited Prof. (Dr.) Suman Mukherjee, Eminent Economist Adv. Kapil Goel - Sec 148- SC Judgement of Ashish Agarwal - Way Forward & Penny S https://studio.youtube.com/playlist/PLCrpMyr-F-5mGaxQajoUNkMibYh-ghKcA/videos
13 04/03/2024 Seminar on GST on 3rd April 2024 CA Indranil Das - Topics to be Covered: •     E-Way Bill & Practical issues •     Input TAX Credit & Latest Judgements on Availment •     Registration & Practical Issues https://youtu.be/JpjgOL_ras4?si=uguXQXPjYum_r_fH
14 03/07/2024 UDAAN - Seminar on Excellence @ 360 on 7th March 2024 CS Mamta Binani , Ms. Ruchika Gupta , Mr. Lokesh Nathany . https://studio.youtube.com/playlist/PLCrpMyr-F-5kweLPt1jGU2DQ_rnnfzzMS/videos
15 10/07/2023 2 DAYS NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON GST- Panel Discussion - Technology: Transformation & Transparency Modertor : CA.Shivani Shah Panelists CA. Sushil Kumar Goyal, Chairman, GST & IDTC, ICAI CA. Vikash Parakh CA. Venugopal Gella https://youtu.be/9Auag2WG5sA?si=k-IKA7aw-N8PDwBK
16 10/07/2023 How to Handle GST Demands/Notices Adv. (Dr.) Avinash Poddar https://youtu.be/jKOF6qcVCcc?si=ygU1b86ywrsgHKXt
17 10/07/2023 2 DAYS NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON GST- E-Invoicing & Litigative Issues in E-Way Bill E-Invoicing & Litigative Issues in E-Way Bill - CA. Venugopal Gella https://youtu.be/WHl_NKWaV48?si=VuPeWoeg8roQxolf
18 10/07/2023 2 DAYS NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON GST- Latest Judicial Pronouncements under GST CA. Bimal Jain https://youtu.be/AVC4x0REVpE?si=heXKIRZTM3LWkFlw
19 10/06/2023 2 DAYS NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON GST- PANEL DISCUSSION Modertor : CA.Subham Khaintan Panelists CA. Arup Dasgupta CA. Ankit Kanodia CA. Jatin Christopher https://youtu.be/MeTLid2toxU?si=SwuzWvTDr8a-9pmB
20 10/06/2023 2 DAYS NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON GST- Intricacies of Litigation Practice CA. A Jatin Christopher https://youtu.be/3DnUxnnVIdE
21 10/06/2023 2 DAYS NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON GST- Issues in Reverse Charge Mechanism CA. Sushil Kumar Goyal, Chairman, GST & IDTC, ICAI https://youtu.be/0X9ZM8CnfR0
22 10/06/2023 2 DAYS NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON GST- Inaugural Session CA. Sunil Gabhawalla https://youtu.be/0BJFyqYAfSM
23 10/06/2023 2 DAYS NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON GST- Inaugural Session Inaugural Session https://youtu.be/0SzEN1u5iRc
24 04/21/2023 Virtual Seminar on Whatsapp, Email & Social Media Clutter CA. Sanjib Sanghi CA. Sumit Bihani CA. Rahul Rungta https://youtu.be/ywblnk7LLAU
25 04/20/2023 Virtual Seminar on Real Estate Regulation Act CA. Gopal Krishna Lodha https://youtu.be/_RVHCnNd-nM
26 04/19/2023 Virtual Seminar on Social Stock Exchange on 19th April 2023 CS. Mamta Binani, Past President, ICSI https://youtu.be/uvoRsKaR9YI
27 04/18/2023 Virtual Seminar on Income Tax and GST on Cryptocurrency Transactions on 18th April 2023 CA. Ayush Goel and CA. Abhishek Tibrewal https://youtu.be/BYROuS-uSx0
28 04/11/2023 Virtual Seminar on Handling Service Tax Notices / Appeals on 11th April 2023 CA. Sushil Kumar Goyal , Chairman, GST & IDTC, ICAI https://youtu.be/lY1RBZ0Xrzg
29 03/31/2023 EIRC of ICAI - VCM on Audit Trail held on 31st, March 2023 Adv Mamta Binani, Past President ICSI, CA. Venugopal Gella, & CA. Sarita Agarwal, https://youtu.be/dEGV3bIMajI
30 03/29/2023 VCM on Audit Quality and Standards on Auditing on 29_03_23 Day 3 of 3 CA. Abhijit Bandyopadhyay, Past Council Member, ICAI & CA. Sanjay Vasudeva, Past Council Member, ICAI https://youtu.be/eC3qN6kTH4o
31 03/28/2023 VCM on Audit Quality and Standards on Auditing -28_03_2023 Day 2 of 3 CA. Lalit Kumar, Delhi & CA. R. S. Balaji, Chennai https://youtu.be/swm4E3H6ZCQ
32 03/27/2023 VCM on Audit Quality and Standards on Auditing on 27_03_23 Day 1 of 3 CA Sunil Bajaj & CA Hemant Nahata, Kolkata , CA Rajiv Kumar Saxena https://youtu.be/zw9la488i0s
33 03/12/2023 Plethora of Opportunities: Day2 - Mentorship & Capacity Building Programme for Members on 12 03 2023 Speakers: CA. Mohit Bhuteria on Mergers & Demergers And NBFCs CA. Vivek Agarwal on Social Audit & Forensic Accounting CA. Vivek Newatia on International Taxation, FEMA & Valuation CA. Sum https://youtu.be/J_F0j23VZDk
34 03/11/2023 Global Opportunities: Day1 - Mentorship & Capacity Building Programme for Members on 11 03 2023 Speakers: Ms. Surinder Kaur on Tremendous opportunities in Global Accounting CA. Dhrubarup Chattopadhyay on Qualities expected from Global Perspective https://youtu.be/-fWz7slaV1I
35 03/10/2023 Panel Discussion on DigitALL - Innovation & Technology for Gender Equality on 10th March, 2023 Moderator CA. Kavita Agarwal & Panelists: CA. Swati Bagri, Finance & Strategy Expert from Dubai, CA. Pooja Maloo , Corporate Trainer from Surat, Ms. Srishty Jain , Founder Col Learn, B https://youtu.be/2hga2WHaHuI
36 03/27/2023 6 Days VCMs on GST - 27-02-2023 CA. Abhishek Agarwal & CA. Vikash Banka https://youtu.be/7Y5Lp7QJ3Os
37 03/23/2023 6 Days VCMs on GST - 23-02-2023 CA. Manish Gadia & CA. Raginee Goyal https://youtu.be/GU6-JsH_0rg
38 03/22/2023 6 Days VCMs on GST - 22-02-2023 CA. Gagan Kedia & CA. Manish Gadia https://youtu.be/YSbfO-e9ZCE
39 03/20/2023 6 Days VCMs on GST - 20-02-2023 CA. Arup Dasgupta & CA. Om Prakash Agarwalla https://youtu.be/JwzgiWoSzE8